You can have your cake but you cannot eat it

Jim and I made a cake together tonight.  It is for a wedding shower I am going to this Saturday.  We didn't even have to bake it!  I saw pictures of towel cakes on Pinterest and followed a link to this cake video by Thom's Crafts and Treats.  I had to give it a try.

I think it turned out really nice.  Jim asked me how I was going to get it to the shower.  I think it should travel okay.  The layers are not joined so I can take it apart and reassemble it at the shower.
Jim was essential in rolling the towels.  I said it was all the Boy Scout training on rolling sleeping bags that helped.

The woman in the video I watched has lots of diaper cake videos that look really cool.  I have made a diaper cake for a baby shower but the ones I saw were really elaborate.  I may try one the next time I get a shower invitation.

I purchased some items from Target in addition to the towels because the bride to be was registered there.  I decided to put them in the wooden bowl she had on her wish list.  Here is a picture of the finished product.  I am not 100% happy with it but it will do because I have taken it apart and redone it a dozen or so times.  I know what I want but I cannot seem to make it arrange that way.  LOL.  I found some alphabet stamps at Michaels $1.00 bins which were marked down to $.50.  I was excited to find the right letters!  Hurray!

I used left over cake flowers and colored napkins to brighten it all up.  Ok, I am happy with it when I look at the picture, very cheery.

One more item to give her...I originally bought the items with a lovely lime green plastic tote.   My plan was to wrap some of the smaller items in tissue and leave the rest unwrapped.  Did I mention that her colors are grey, yellow, and lime green?  Anyway, I bought a lovely grey wide ribbon to tie around the green tote.  It would have been fine but then I saw the cake towel on Pinterest and all my plans had to change.  :)  Of course, I will still give her the green tote because she will need it to load up her shower gifts to take home.  I hope she will be pleased with it.

Here is my third revision of this post.  I finished the card to go with the gifts.  I used one of the cards from my post of the other day and finished it off with a decorated chevron grey bag.

<^..^> Lori

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