Provocraft gave me good customer service

Yesterday, I had a great experience with customer service at Provocraft for my Imagine.  I decided to share it here with you.

I have owned the Cricut Imagine for almost 1 1/2 years.  I was really used to using the Cricut Design Studio to create projects then cut them with my Expression.  I love CDS.  Being able to see my projects on the computers big screen vs the small screen my Expression or my Gypsy (told you I loved Provocraft) was such a blessing for my eyes.  Imagine doesn't work with CDS but they were promising the launch of Cricut Craft Room which would replace CDS and work with the Imagine.  So I succumbed to the print and cut features offered by the Imagine and purchased it.  Technically I purchased it but my husband said it was my Christmas present.  He isn't good at going out to buy me items but he lets me pick them out and I am (mostly) okay with it.  LOL!

My Imagine has given me some issues since I purchased it.  Nothing major but just enough to frustrate me.  Upgrades have helped but they do not always fix my problem.  Sometimes they even make a new problem.  I would have complained more but I have the Cricut Expression.  I have owned it since the Expression first came out.  I use it a lot for home, work, school, and church projects.  Whenever I was having a problem with the Imagine, I always had a fall back so I didn't push Provocraft for a solution.  I just used the Expression waiting for the next Imagine upgrade to come out.  Well, in December 2011, I took an upgrade to the Imagine that gave me a bug I couldn't accept.  The machine wouldn't pull the mat all the way in so that the mat could fit under the roller bar for cutting.  The blade housing would come out and ram into the side of the mat and make a horrible noise until I physically pulled the mat out the back side.  I couldn't use it at all.  It was the middle of the holidays and I had too many irons in the fire to fiddle with my Imagine so I powered it off and used my Expression again.

I found time to call Provocraft Friday 3/16/12.  The representative, Michelle, was most helpful.  She had me upgrade the Imagine to the latest version of firmware that had come out 2012.  She didn't stay on the line with me as upgrades take a lot of time.  I completed it Friday night but the problem didn't go away.

I looked at the Provocraft knowledge base and found some information on the firmware that was showing on my Imagine.
It said the 201C meant the machine had to be replaced.  Replaced!  Oh my!  Whoa!  I was having a hard time understanding what would cause the firmware to say it needed replaced.  I decided that I had nothing to loose so I reformatted and reloaded all of the Imagine software.  I ended up with the same firmware code.

Monday 3/19/12 I called Provocraft again.  The representative, Tory, agreed that the unit needed replaced.  She was very kind and helpful.  She took my information and sent me a FedEx warranty replacement return label.  She is having the unit shipped to her so she can set it up then she will ship it to me.  I was very moved by her kind manner and helpfulness.  Thank you Tory!

I have received the FedEx return label.  I am packing my unit up to be shipped out this week.  I wanted to thank Provocraft for the way they are standing behind their product and the high customer service level that I received.

<^..^> Lori


Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

I read on Melissa's blog about a crock pot recipe she was making that day.  I followed her link to the recipe for this

I made it and it was delicious.  Just spicy enough to satisfy.  My husband and daughter loved it.  My son was eating pizza with his band friends after a concert so he didn't try it.  He likes his food to stay separate anyway.  You know...not have the veggies touch each other.  LOL!  So this type of food doesn't look good to him.  He would prefer a plain bowl of the rice instead. 

<^..^> Lori