Wedding favors for Amber and Andy

Some friends got married this month.  I had the priviledge of helping make the wedding favors and table center pieces.  Amber's wedding colors were orange and pink.  I had her pick out some scrapbook paper in those colors and we used them to cover plastic pillow boxes.  Then we decorated them all uniquely with embellishments....flowers, bling, beads, etc.  Amber and Andy filled them with candies for the table. 

The center pieces were Ivy bowls with glass beads in them.  We cut up bouquets of silk flowers to put them in them.  Amber picked out some coordinating ribbon.  I cut the ribbon in 2 foot lengths.  I sewed the edge to make a circle so the ribbon wouldn't fray.  Then I basted along one edge of the ribbon circle with brown thread.  We pull the thread to gather the ribbon around the Ivy bowl just below the fluted edge.  We set about 25 tables.  It was simple and cute!

<^..^> Lori