Apple iPad 2 iOS 6.x; another upgrade came out

Well, I think my iPad 2 is back to functioning now where it was before 9/20/12 when iOS 6 came out.  Netflix even works again.  I think everyone was scrambling behind the scenes to fix issues with iOS 6 at Apple and the applications that run on Apple platform.

I got a message that an upgrade was out again yesterday on my iPad 2.  I read the details and it seemed okay.  I took the upgrade with some hesitation after all I have been through since iOS 6 came out.  Hey, everything is still working!  Hurray!  I am so grateful that the upgrade was reasonable painless.  I wonder if they fixed the problems caused by World Clock?  I don't plan to open that application because it seemed to cause me all kinds of grief after going to iOS 6.

I still love my iPad 2.  I saw the Apple Mini is out.  I will check it out but I don't have plans to buy it.  Although my kids would be happy to inherit my iPad 2 if I should decide to take the plunge.  :)

<^..^> Lori