shabbyblogs.com have free stuff to dress up your blog

I put on some new background paper on the blog. It was so easy using Shabbyblogs.com. There is a link to them in the upper left corner. It came with the background paper. It was FREE so try it out and enjoy! I found out about it from http://www.fabulouslyartsy.blogspot.com/


Enabler alert: buy 2 cartridges, get free jukebox and free colors

Thanks to Just A Scrappin' I heard about a really cool deal. You can get 2 new Cricut cartridges Jubilee and Home Decor plus a free jukebox and a free box set of colors for the Cricut. ProvoCraft will in the freebies if you take advantage of their 3 easy payments BUT now here's the kicker, if you order from PC and do 1 payment of $99 you will get a FREE Cricut Jukebox AND a set of Cricut Color Inks!!! Here is the link to spend $106.99 including the s/h and I think get your money's worth of stuff.


Susan Boyle Video

I watched this YouTube on Susan Boyle and I was in tears by the end of it. I am not exactly sure how to explain it but I think it was partly because of her "surprise" talent and partly because the next thought in my head was...will fame ruin her? The Lord looks at the heart but man looks at what is on the outside. She is a normal looking lady with amazing singing talent. Hollywood can be so hard on people that I worry about her. I pray that she will seek the Lord's guidence through the talent show and beyond.

Susan Boyle Video