Big Lots Laundry cart has other uses

I saw this laundry cart ad for Big Lots for $24.

I decided to try it.  I have other laundry carts and they are getting worn out.  That sounds funny doesn't it.  The fabric is torn from too much laundry stuffed in them.  They have been in my basement for many years and are starting to rust a bit.  Plus I had a $5.00 off coupon from my Buzz rewards card from Big Lots to make the replacement deal even sweeter.

Turns out they have a great feature where there is a wire rack underneath the baskets that keeps them from sagging and eventually the baskets getting dragged along the floor like my old ones.  Each basket can be removed individually unlike my old one.  That is super for moving dirty clothes from the laundry cart to the clothes washer.  I am really liking this laundry cart.  I bought a second one to replace my other laundry cart...then I got crazy and bought a 3rd one.  Why?  Well, good question.  I got another Big Lot coupon in my inbox.  Coupons are a good thing in my book.  Plus, I decided that the cart would be useful to organize some other items than laundry.  I put my gift wrap into it.  I don't know how original that is but it works for me.

My old laundry carts have been washed and sewn up.  I will recycle them at church to hold gym equipment for Awana games.  I think it would work great for dodge balls or bean bags and the like.

<^..^> Lori