Do you use MyLiveSignature?

I am trying to figure out how to add a signature to my posts and my pictures. I found a link to MyLiveSignature and created a signature. Now I am trying to figure out how to put it in my blog. So much to learn...


No crafting this past weekend

My in-laws, Richard and Virginia, were here over the weekend. Friday night we went to the premiere of Fireproof. It was a very good movie. The adults and the kids liked it. I liked the affirmation the movie gave for couples to stay married even when the culture says divorce is okay. The kids liked it because of the action scenes and the comedy spots.
Saturday morning, Jim and Johnson, headed for a day of Cub-O-Ree. We picked up the Pack's order for popcorn to do a show-n-sell next weekend. Hannah and I went to Walk for Life in the morning to support the Peoria Rescue Ministries Esther House and Pregnancy center. Saturday night, Jim, Johnson, and Richard went to the Father-Son banquet at church. Hannah, Virginia, and I went out to dinner.

Sunday was spent in church in the morning and evening. I went upstairs and actually took a few minutes of a nap in the afternoon.

In between all the running, Richard is helping Jim to finish the remodel of our downstairs bathroom. Jim started it between Christmas and New Years so it has been a long process. It was a half bath and we are turning it into a full batch. Ron M helped Jim tear out the old bathroom right down to the studs and the floor joists. We live in a really old home that has been through some remodels. We found out that one wall used to have a doorway in it. We also found the framing for a couple of built in drawers on one wall. It is cool to find these hidden clues as we dismantle the room. The bathroom floor was very uneven so they put in sister joists to level the floor as best they could. I think the floor was done was in February or March.

Jim was so sweet about putting the stool back in whenever my Stamp Club met at our house so we would have a toilet on the first floor that worked in case the stairs were too much for them to climb. After Club, he would take the stool back out to work so he could work on the bathroom again.

Jim did the electrical work and plumbing work. It was a challenge but he did a good job. I even got 2 new lights in adjacent rooms out of the deal. Taking the bathroom down to the studs allowed access to put in some support boards for heavy lights. He put up a lovely light in the pantry and matching one in the kitchen over the CuisiCart.

Jim and Ron put up the drywall, tape, and mudding. They put a thin coat of mud on the ceiling over the old textured stuff to smooth appearance. Jim cut in the hole for the ceiling light/exhaust fan. Jim painted the walls.

Richard helped putting in the tile floor and nearly all of the trim. Jim has learned so much from working with his dad and Ron on this project. I don't know how people have time to work on home remodels. It is a mystery to me as we have so many other plates to juggle with our kids. You know Awana Club, church, band, soccer, baseball, softball, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts...the list goes on and on. Jim and I work full time so there is precious little time left for house projects although this old house has a lot of projects for us to do!

I was so relieved when the sink and the stool were back in working order! It meant we did not have to wash our hands in the kitchen anymore. That was a few weeks ago. Richard made two cabinets for the bathroom and they look fantastic!

I was on cloud 9 when the shower doors and the faucets were installed. Johnson, my 9 year old son, had the first shower in the newly installed corner shower. He fought me on it the whole way with reasons why he did not want to use it. Then we heard him singing in the shower and he found that he liked showering downstairs. He now takes every shower there if it is open. I laugh because I get saranaded each time he showers in the downstairs bathroom.

This weekend Richard and Jim were cutting the crown molding. They will put it up when my in-laws come for their next visit. Mostly likely it will be the 3rd weekend of October. My in-laws had to leave early this morning as my mother-in-laws' brother, Don W, passed away. He was sick for a long time. We are saddened but there is comfort for his wife, Sharon, to know that he is no longer suffering in this life. Another reminder that life is short and we need to make wise decisions here in this world for there are reprocussions that reach into the next life.

Jim will need to touch up some areas with paint and chalk. I think the last step will to have Wayne Mechanical put the radiator back in the bathroom. Oh...the window trim has not been refinished so that will need to happen before they put it back up. I will need to order a new blind for the window. So many details to work out! And there is definitely a right order for how to do this most of the remodel work. We have learned alot over the course of this bathroom remodel. It looks so nice! What a transformation!


Bow Maker is a great product

I read about the Bow Maker on Julie Buhler's blog. I ordered one on 9/16/08 and it arrived today 9/25/08. I made a great looking bow on the very first try! It is really cool and easy to use. The directions include pictures which really helps me. Check it out at www.theCardLadies.com.

The weather is in the 80's during the day now and in the 50's at night. I am really loving it! My son, Johnson, is in soccer during this season. Most of his practices and a few games have been rained out so it is a welcome sight to have sunshine again.


I am going to unmount my rubber stamps

There...I said it...I have even started doing it! I read from Michelle Zindorf's blog how she doesn't mount her rubber stamps on EZ foam or blocks. She puts a thin coat of Aileen's tack again on the back of her rubber stamps. She lets them dry for an hour then stores them on acrylic sheets. I think this is a great idea. I am going to store mine on 3 ring binder sheets that I got at Sunday Internation. I have some EZ foam and it works well but Aileen would be a cheaper method. I am going to do it! I would love to get my stamps organized so they don't just sit in a box collecting dust.
Have you unmounted your stamps? How did it work out? Any tips to give me?


Cards made from CTMH BFF scraps after Sept Stamp Club

Well, here are the cards I made from the scraps from Brenda's purse project.


Paper: CTMH Best Friends Forever

Stickers: sparkle heart, words, and small blossoms-K&Company; Love-Michael's Bride page marker

Other: crystal-Stickels; circle cutter-Martha Stewart; Boho punch-SU!

I made a two page layout at my friend, Carrie's, SU! Club this summer. Carrie has GREAT ideas for her club. She used her new Cricut to cut the letters. I bought another layout for Brenda and I am posting these pictures to help her complete the layout.

Recipe: Mostly if not all SU! stuff
Other: white gel pen

September Stamp Club made a purse

The September Stamp Club met at my house this month. We made a cute purse using CTMH products. Brenda's sister was so sweet to give Brenda the project as a present. She knew Brenda was swamped with wedding plans this month. Brenda's son got married 9/13/08. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.!
We got to choose our papers from 3 different CTMH packs. I chose Best Friends Forever to make my purse. The envelopes are used to make the outside pockets. I will add photos and journaling later. Brenda challenged us to have the project completed by the next Stamp Club. I got all of the stamping and embellishments completed. Now is the hard part for me anyway...choosing the photos and doing the journaling. Do you ever stumble there?
Papers: CTMH (2) 12x12 B&T papers and (1) 12x12 solid colored cardstock and (2) 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock
Stamps: CTMH Delight in Everything
Ink: Garden Green, Gold Rush, Twilight, Holly Hock
Ribbon: 12-14 inch CTMH
Other: (2) adhesive velcro button, Tombow perm adhesive, Stickels-crystal, (2) A2 envelopes

I had scraps left over and I made 4 cards from them. One of them turned out really awful so I trashed it. I will post the others later as I cannot figure out how to put the pictures below this paragraph. All the photos I insert end up at the top of the post. I sure have a lot to learn about blogging! LOL

I did it! I created a blog!

Wow! I am excited and nervous and well...scared. I have been reading craft blogs for months. I have lots of favorites and could spend hours reading them. I think it is so fantastic that people not only share their creations but the techniques and recipes and give tips so others can be inspired to create! That is so cool! I have decided to give it a try. Here goes...