Apple ios 6 don't upgrade until they fix more of the bugs

In late February of this year I bought an iPad 2.  I got it when the new generation came out and they reduced the price on iPad 2.  It only took a couple of months for me to fall in love with it.  Everything was working great.  I learn something new every week.  Then along came the Apple ios 6 upgrade.  I wish I had waited to see the fallout before taking it.  First it messed up my wifi.  That meant no email, Skype, Safari, etc.  a few days later wifi started working again.  Then I had no connection to iTunes or the App Store.  ICloud wasn't working, Netflix didn't work.  A few days later some of the tabs like Purchased started working in the App Store.  A few days later iTunes and all of the App Store were working.  Next iCloud started working.  I am still waiting for Netflix to work again.  I have deleted the app and reloaded it but it still won't connect.
All the while my iMac is working fine.  I can reach iTunes, iCloud, App store, and Netflix works like a charm.  An upgrade popped up on it last week...I said NO.  Who says an old chick can't learn from her mistakes?!
Our Apple TV stopped connecting to Netflix.  An upgarde notice popped up.  Since Netflix was already broken we took the upgrade hoping it would help.  It didn't.
Oh Apple, your upgrade was really bad.  I wish I had not taken it.  I am pretty sure you will get it fixed but...man...this has been so annoying!

<^..^> Lori