I'm Thankful for You Gift

So have you been into the stores to check out the Halloween and Fall markdowns?  I found these really neat plastic wine glasses at Michaels for 80% off.  They were originally $6.99 each.  I don't think I would pay that for a plastic glass but I would pay $1.39 each to turn them into a gift for someone I care about.  I would love to have gotten them at 90% off but I doubt any would be left.

We don't drink alcohol but the glasses were so cute with the fall leaves and the saying "I'm Thankful fo
r YOU".  I decided I could work them into a nice gift.

I used a large can of mixed nuts and some candy corn flavored M&M's to make a treat mix.  My husband thinks M&M's should not taste like candy corn.  But he agreed they were good with the nuts.  I added some to each glass and topped them with some fun pumpkin taffy and candy corn taffy from Market Fresh.  It was my first time to shop in a Market Fresh store.  It was really nice, not a lot of variety for staple basics, more of a fancy store, a bit on the expensive side.  Again I found the taffy on clearance 1/2 off because it was after Halloween so I did okay on the budget.

I put a clear treat bag over the glass and closed it around the stem to keep them fresh.

 Here is one completed.  I just need to add the name tag to each stem.

<^..^> Lori


Fall Decorations around the Church

Mostly Hobby Lobby and Michael's items that are used here to give the look of fall.  The pretty pumpkin in the first picture came from Sam's Club.  I would have loved to get it on clearance but I doubted I would be there when they marked them down so I caved and bought it.  The decor tables have 70 inch round tablecloths from Walmart on them.

<^..^> Lori


Awana October Treats

Pinterest led me to a great blog by Julie called Happyhomefairy where I found this great free printable for fall treats.

I was looking for ideas to make an Awana October treat for the kids.  The Ladies Missionary Fellowship makes something every year.  The last few years we have made a "pumpkin patch" for the kids to pick a treat so I try to find something to use as a pumpkin.  I had found these bright beautiful orange Solo cold cups at Sam's Club.  I knew I didn't want to fill it with candy so more walking around Sam's brought me to a kid's favorite, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Gatorade bottles.  Hmmm...what do you do with all that stuff and call it a pumpkin treat?  Well, you use a permanent marker to draw a face.  I will admit I printed a template for the mouth to trace around but the triangle nose and eyes are totally handmade.  LOL!  You print the cute witnessing stickers from the site I mentioned above.  You bring 7 friends who love Christ together to help you and...tada...pumpkin treats are made for 80 kids in less than 2 hours.

My friend, Jane, thought the kids would want some candy in them so we tucked in a couple of Tootsie Pops in each cup.

<^..^> Lori


Some Hobby Lobby Decor Ideas

So often I see pieces at Hobby Lobby that I like but I don't know what to do with them.  Same for Michaels Craft Store.  I wish they gave more ideas to work off from the decor instead of just putting it on the shelf to sell.  Here are some pieces that I bought from both of those places and how I used them at church.

The wall pieces are from Hobby Lobby.  So are the half table and the ceramic lion with the lamb.  The other pieces are from Michaels.
Hope this sparks your creative juices,
<^..^> Lori


Back to School table decor

I am starting to take down the summer decor at church.  I was going to move to fall but it is just a little too early so I set up some back to school stuff.

<^..^> Lori


Fourth of July Wall Flowers

Definitely Pinterest Inspired

I made some of the paper flowers that were everywhere on Pinterest this spring.  The first set were spring colored, pink, blue, teal, yellow.  I tried making them with Astro Bright papers.  The colors were very pretty and vibrant but they were too fragile for my taste.  Bending the ends of the paper ruins the flower's affect in my opinion.  So I moved to card stock.  They are less fragile and might even last another year to put up again if stored where they will not get humid or fade from light.  Anyway my second attempt of the flowers for summer was in red, white, and blue.  This time I added another dimension by cutting the leftover yardstick into stars and sewing them together.  I strung the stars over the flowers and let them dangle.

I had them hung on a wall at church.  I like the 3D affect.  I am trying to figure out what to replace them with for fall.  I would like to make these flowers in glittery fall  colors but the cost of the paper is prohibitive for me.  It takes about 65 of A2 size pieces of card stock to make each flower.  I cut them down to A2 (4.5 x 5.5 inches) from 12 x 12 sheets.

<^..^> Lori


Valentine Banquet

We had a Valentine Banquet, yes it was in February! I just never got anything posted for it.  Today I decided to stop and take time to post some events from church.  I hope they inspire others to get involved in serving the Lord Jesus at their church or homes.
I found the most beautiful Valentine flower arrangement at Michaels in Peoria, IL.  The florist there is really very talented.  I know other Michaels could have similar arrangements but her's always stand out somehow to me.  Look at the lovely heart shape she made with the greenery behind the twisting roses.

Just lovely!  Now the price was not so lovely.  They had it marked at $120.00.  I wouldn't spend that much on flowers in a single arrangement.  I priced the individual components and the cost was $50 not including the glue and spanish moss.  Then Michaels did what they always do as the holiday approaches, they dropped the prices by 50%.  Now I did consult with my husband as this was still pretty expensive at $60.  He agreed that I could buy it.  I know the flowers look pink in this picture but they are actually a very lovely deep red.
I put it on a table at church that sits just outside my office.  I smiled every time I went past it.  It was also the entrance where attendees for the Valentine banquet came in to hang up their coats.  I added hundreds of Christmas lights under the table cloth as I had seen on Pinterest.  I know I have a picture of it all lighted up but do you think I could find it today?  But when I do, I will post it.
We had the banquet catered and it was very fun.
We did some special napkin folding.  Again I found samples on Pinterest and we folded the guys' places with a free flowing red heart shape.  It made me think of a water color heart.  We folded the girls' places with a rose bud.  I think my daughter must have the photos on her phone.  I will check with her before I post.  I really am bad at getting pictures of the stuff we make, do, etc.  Sigh!

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Dessert Theatre 2014 Phil's Diner

This goes back to 2014...Christmas Dessert Theatre was set in Phil's Diner so it was really different from the elegant table settings we had done the previous 6 years.

Among other things, we made gum drop Christmas trees for each table.  Here is one that I brought home to use for decoration after the production ended.

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