Mother Daughter Luncheon table favors

I got some super ideas from Julia.  Here are the table favors we made for our luncheon themed "The Ties that Bind Us".  We made 89 of these little sweet aprons to hold a Hershey nugget. 

The paper came from Two Peas in a Bucket, ribbon from Michaels, ink for sponging the hearts was CTMH garden green, and a Signo white gel pen for faux stitching came from Two Peas in a Bucket.

We (decoration committee) have programs and table decorations to work on next.

<^..^> Lori


Fiskars Premium Cut-Line Trimmer

I bought a new trimmer from Michael's $29.99.  They were on sale for 40% off so I did not even need to use a coupon.  Good deal!  I love this trimmer.  It has a very wide deck for standard A2 cards don't require me to swing out the arm.  The accuracy is really good.  It is light weight to carry.  I am giving it a thumb's up! 

The Fiskars 12” Premium Crafter’s Trimmer is a lightweight, portable trimmer that is perfect for use in your scrapbooking space or for use on-the-go! Features include:

•An innovative cut-line guide that shows you precisely where your cut will be and ensures that cuts stay consistent

•A wider base deck for a full 6” of measuring space

•A lock that secures the rail for easy storage and prevents the rail from popping open while transporting your trimmer

•A swing-out paper guides that gives you 15” of level measuring surface for larger projects

•A larger rail handle that makes lifting the rail easier than ever and also helps hold down your paper to prevent smudges

•A triple-track rail and blade that are designed to interlock, keeping your blade running straight down the middle every time

•Uses Fiskar Replacement Blade Style "I"

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Provo Craft has a new font pack update out for DS

You can get it here.  I saw it on Just A Scrappin'.  Take note to grab only the font pack update which is the second button on the page NOT the first button on the page.

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Okay, so I signed us up to go to our first Classics event

Classics is a social group at our church for those 50 or better.  My birthday in February qualified my DH and I to attend the Classics.  How weird is that?!  I have such mixed feelings about being 50. 

The Classics meet monthly and someone hosts it.  Whoever is hosting this month is calling it Applefest.  We are supposed to bring an apple snack but it cannot be apple pie or apple cobblers.  I have no idea what to take.  If you have a suggestion, let me know.

<^..^> Lori


Quick trip to Texas

I was in Texas for just over 24 hours.  Weird to me.  I don't travel that far too often.  I only have to fly on business once very year or two so I am not an old pro at this flying stuff.  Well, I guess I am old but I am not a pro anyway.

I had a business meeting on Friday so I flew down on Thursday late afternoon and came back late Friday night.  I went from snow and ice in the upper 30's to sunny in the 70's and then back to well...IL weather again.  I have a cold and that means my sinuses aren't sure what to make of it. I was hoping the weather jolt would send this cold far, far away to another galaxy. 

The Lord gave me a picture perfect flight down...you know leaving 12 minutes early, smooth flight, witty captain commenting on the sights, pleasant stewardess, arriving in DFW 30 minutes early, had my bag claimed in under 15 minutes, and walked out the terminal door to find a clean cab with a pleasant driver ready to take me to my hotel.  Wow!  What a blessing from God. 

The flight home was delayed just 15 minutes but I would rather they find the electrical problem before we leave the ground...know what I mean?  The whole trip was good.

<^..^> Lori


Gypsy and linking Cricut cartridges to it

I made an EBay bid on a new Gypsy at the end of January.  There was less than an hour left on a new Gypsy.  I placed a bid at $150 with a max of $175 thinking that I would never win that auction.  The cheapest I had seen the Gypsy sold was $219 or higher.  But I did WIN!  The deal included free shipping.  It was new and factory sealed.  It included the 2 exclusive Gypsy cartridges.  I think I got a very good deal.  It took the seller a couple of weeks to get me the Gypsy which I thought was a little slow but I was okay with it.  I was really busy and did not have time to work with it.  I could have paid for expedited shipping but I didn't want to spend the money on it.  After receiving it, I registered it online with Provocraft and got my 200 reward points and a software upgrade on the Gypsy.  Then I just did not have time to spend on it.  That is so sad! 

This past Saturday was my birthday so I decided to take the time to link the cartridges to the Gypsy this weekend.  Boy, it took a lot of time to get them all linked.  I popped in a new DVD series and I pushed through linking until I had them all linked.  I ran into one cartridge that wouldn't load through the Gypsy cable.  It was George which was the very first cartridge I ever owned.  It came with my original Cricut.  I followed the instructions and plugged the cartridge into my Cricut then connected the Cricut to the Gypsy.  Wouldn't you know it, the Cricut software then had to be updated!  The Gypsy was able to update my Cricut as I followed the steps on the Gypsy screen.  It took at least 30 minutes to update the Cricut from the Gypsy.  But when it was done, I was able to link the cartridge to the Gypsy via the Cricut.  I think the whole process took over 3 hours to link about 50 cartridges. 

I marked each cartridge with a green "G" and I made the same mark on the outside of the cartridge boxes so I would know which cartridges had been linked.

Now I need to use it to design something...but my job, my house, my family, my church, my friends, my volunteering at the school...all need attention as well.  KWIM? 

<^..^> Lori