Quick trip to Texas

I was in Texas for just over 24 hours.  Weird to me.  I don't travel that far too often.  I only have to fly on business once very year or two so I am not an old pro at this flying stuff.  Well, I guess I am old but I am not a pro anyway.

I had a business meeting on Friday so I flew down on Thursday late afternoon and came back late Friday night.  I went from snow and ice in the upper 30's to sunny in the 70's and then back to well...IL weather again.  I have a cold and that means my sinuses aren't sure what to make of it. I was hoping the weather jolt would send this cold far, far away to another galaxy. 

The Lord gave me a picture perfect flight down...you know leaving 12 minutes early, smooth flight, witty captain commenting on the sights, pleasant stewardess, arriving in DFW 30 minutes early, had my bag claimed in under 15 minutes, and walked out the terminal door to find a clean cab with a pleasant driver ready to take me to my hotel.  Wow!  What a blessing from God. 

The flight home was delayed just 15 minutes but I would rather they find the electrical problem before we leave the ground...know what I mean?  The whole trip was good.

<^..^> Lori

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