Lightning strikes twice in our yard

About 4 years ago, lightning hit one of the two big pines in our back yard.  It travelled through the ground into the house.  It knocked out a basement window.  It killed a printer.  I was amazed that more was not damaged.  It happened in September.  We waited until the next spring to decide if it would survive or not.  We ended up having the top 10 feet or so removed and left the rest of the tree up.

1st tree was hit 3 or 4 years ago by lightning

2nd pine tree to be hit by lightning

large strips of bark laying in the yard
Last night lightning hit the other pine tree.  I hope they survive.  The first one looks a bit worn but still strong.  The second tree seems to be missing some bark but in pretty good shape.  I guess time will tell.

<^..^> Lori

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