Be Different

I was inspired by this cool artwork on Rachel's blog post at "Harding (family) happenings".  Originally I asked her if I could print it and frame it for my Sunday School class.  She was so gracious to give me permission.

Then I got an idea to do it on a bigger scale in vinyl on the wall.  I couldn't reproduce it exactly but I think I have the spirit of the piece.  Here it is...

I used arrows that I either made with Silhouette Designer Studio or bought from Lori Whitlock.  It turned out okay but I really like Rachel's version better.  This wall is outside of the youth room at church.  The one "different" arrow is pointing into the youth room.  I think it works well there.

<^..^> Lori


bridechilla said...

So awesome! Glad my design inspired you! Awesome work! :) xo - Rache

Erin said...

This looks so good! I love all of the different arrows. And a good message, too, especially for kids. :)