Let's see...tea party...what does that bring to mind? Hannah and I are hosting a Teddy Bear, Grandma, and Me tea party for some sweet girls this Saturday. Have you ever hosted or been to one? Do you have any pointers to share? I am making place cards. Tomorrow night I will back the cakes and I will ice them Friday night. I am planning to start the tea party by making hats from gift wrap I bought at the Dollar Store. I saw someone do it a couple of years ago at a VBS program. I better practice on Hannah before Saturday. That would be wise. I will have the girls sing, "I'm a little tea pot...". I have a teddy bear version of musical chairs as a game we can play. We will have tea and cakes then the girls can play with a miniature tea set with the teddy bears. I found teddy bears after Christmas at Kroger for $2.25 each. I bought several with the idea of using them for VBS decorations this summer. The idea of using them as part of the tea party makes the purchase all the more satisfying...did I just justify my spending?! Yeah, I think I did. I started getting things I want to use, washing them, and putting them on the dining room buffet. I would like to have a tea party story to read to the girls. I will have to try the local library branch. Their hours are limited so it is difficult for me to get there. Hmm...what to do. Have any ideas?

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