The tea party was really fun. In attendance was Pat and Maggie, Linda and Lily, Sue and Megan, Hannah, and myself.
Hannah and I had lots of teddy bears around the house for the girls to play. We started by making "fancy" paper hats from gift wrap paper. Next we played musical chairs with the bears. Hannah played the piano as the girls walked around the table. When the music stopped the girls had to find a chair for their bear. The one without a chair got to pick out a Fanny Mae chocolate to eat while the others played. It only took 2 times for the girls to realize they really wanted to lose so they could get a chocolate. Ha! Hannah said she knew it would work out that way. I really did not think it would. Next we had refreshments with tea. Hannah and I had made brownies with chocolate frosting. We piped the initials of everyone in attendence using pink icing. We had made a 2 layer yellow 6 inch cake with chocolate frosting. I purchased some great cookies from Trefzger's bakery. Hannah cleaned and cut up strawberries. We also had some nuts in bowls. It was set out on the buffet. We filled teapots with hot water and let the girls pick one to use for their tea. I had small little creamer pitchers for each of the girls. I really wanted the girls to have a lovely time out with their grandma. I think we accomplished that goal.

I want to have another tea party but we will invite girls that are a little older so I need to come up with a new game. Sue said that she had lots of dress up clothes the girls could try on and have a fashion show. I think that is a great idea. When I was discussing it with my family, my son, Johnson, just rolled his eyes...he is 10 years old. Jim, my DH, said that it would probably be a good idea if he and Johnson made themselves scarce that afternoon. Ha!

I thought I would use the recipe for chocolate cake in a mug. The girls could measure things out for themselves then microwave them.

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