I am working on name tags for a ladies event to held at church. The speaker is Julie Leonard who is a missionary to Brazil that our church supports. Julie's theme is from Matthew 5:16 Sowing from the Heart. She says her favorite colors are lavendar and purple. So I am going with those colors and a quilt motif. I saw this great idea from Lauren Meader that I am working from to make the name tags. I have one made but it needs tweaking before I share it.

My son, Johnson, raced at the Watamolo District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby today. Whew! That was a lot of kids to funnel through those race tracks over the course of a day. The coordinator, Sam Hou, did an outstanding job! She is really good at this Cub Scout stuff. She coordinates the day camp in the summer for the boys, too. Any who...Johnson had fun but did not place in the top 5. I know Jim and I are okay with it and I think Johnson is too. He got to invite a fellow Cub Scout, Philip, over for a play date and they are having a good time.

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