Name tags for Spring Cardinal Regional 2009

Well, I have a couple of name tags put together for the Spring Cardinal Regional. What is the Cardinal Regional? Well, it was started by ladies from churches belonging to the IL/MO ARBC. Don't you love all the acronyms?! Illinois/Missouri Assembly of Regular Baptist Churches. The ladies originally organized the Cardinal Regional to help Camp Manitoumi which is supported by all of the churches in the IL/MO ARBC. We have attended their family camps since 2001. My kids have attended the Junior weeks at this camp for several years. The ladies continue to do camp projects and fund raisers throughout the year to support the camp. Many people have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this camp. Every summer that my daughter goes to camp, there has been at least one girl in her cabin that accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Savior! Wow! That amazes me every time that I think of it.
I mentioned in my post that I was using an idea I saw on Lauren Meader's blog. I used the same PTI stamps for my quilt. It was a lot of work but the little quilt I made for each name tag is so cute. They feel soft and are fragile like an old quilt. To give the quilt more substance and allow me to pin it. I took a 1 1/2 inch square of chip board (actually a cereal box that I cut up) and covered it in quilt batting. Then I wrapped the little quilt that I made from paper around it. I mounted the quilts on layered Bazzill paper. I don't think I would have gone to all this work if there were a hundred needed...they only need 25-30 name tags. I can do that many!

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Lauren (mytime) said...

WOW! LOVE the colors! They came out AWESOME!!