I purchased a couple of melting pots from The Gingerbread Shed in the fall of 2008. One is styled like a small crock pot. You place a candle inside and turn it on. I heats the candle until all of the wax is melted. I really like it. The other melting pot is really cute but it seems a little dangerous for a klutz like me. It lookes like a punched tin lantern. I also purchased some Baker's Bits Nut Bread Delights to melt in it. These little chunks of wax smell so wonderful! But I digress...I have knocked over that silly melting pot 2 times already. What a mess! It ran everywhere. I don't recommend this style to anyone as klutzy as me.

I am still working on those name tags for Cardinal Regional. I did make a card for a dear friend, Lois, that is in the hospital. I did not take a picture but I used some of the same items that I am using for the name tags to make it. I put a quilt on the front and a sentiment from PTI Quilter Sampler. It is such a sweet set for making cards.

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