mower expenses

Hmmm...I have built into our budget some money to have the mower tuned up every year. I save up $225.00 for this service. They clean, fill fluids, charge batteries, blah, blah, blah to it. I say blah, blah, blah because that seems like such a waste of money compared to buying other things that I like such as stamps or paper or going to DisneyWorld for vacation. Well, they picked up the mower today and called with sad news. It needs more maintenance this year. After they replace blades and belts it is going to cost over $550. Man, that hurts me! Ever have a bill go over your budgeted amount?

On a better note, here is a link to some free note cards that I read about on LollyChops that you can download. I am new to LollyChops. It looks like alot of fun stuff on her website!

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