Sweet as can BEE Adalynn

J had another baby and we celebrate babies at our church.  This was J's 3rd so we had a diapers and wipes shower for her.  You can never have too many diapers and wipes when you have your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, baby...you know what I mean?!  Anyway, E and C and I were the hostesses.  E  came up with a couple of idea for the theme.  One was "Sweet as can Bee" the other was " A new Little Honey in Town".  I liked them both so we used elements that fit both themes, Pooh, honey pots, bees, honey combs.

I really didn't think I would have trouble finding bees to hang from the ceiling but it turned out to be.  I ended up making bees from papermache egg shapes.  I painted them yellow then put the face and a couple of stripes on with a permanent market.  I had Hannah and Jim color the bee bums while I used black chenelle to wrap the bee bellys to make another stripe and a way to hang the bees.  Jim tied fishing line ot the chenelle.

I make honey pots by cutting brown paper with my Expression and the shape from the Disney Pooh and Friends Font cartridge.  I sized it to cut 4 pots from a 12x12 sheet of heavy card stock.  I stacked 3 honey pots and sewed straight down the center.  I left the thread long on the top so we could hang them from the ceiling with the bees.  Well, I didn't hang them.  My darling Jim did it for me.  He is such a good egg!  I stacked 3 of them together so I could fan them out and give the honey pots more dimension. 

E and C did the food for the shower.  I don't have pictures of the food but I will get some from P.  I wasn't able to attend the shower.  Bummer.  I had to work that night but I did have fun setting up for the shower!  I know they made a yummy yellow colored fizzy punch, cupcakes that looked like bee hives, and did a fun treat with marshmallows and yellow colored sugar. 

Today I worked in the nursery at church and I got to hold little Adalynn.  She is a sweetie.  I can so see her older sister in her face.  So cute! 

Well, here are some pictures from the setup of the shower.

I used yellow tipped quilt pins to put up the banner.  I was hoping the pins reminded everyone of bees.

I stamped the yellow napkins with black CTMH ink using PTI stamps from Honey Bees and Honey Bees Sentiments

The Pooh and characters are mine.  They used to belong to my kids but they outgrew them.  Now they are mine...LOL!  I will always love Pooh.

I went with pretty unconventional baby shower colors, black and yellow, but it really made the bees POP. 

I made candy center pieces that were used as a prize for one of the games.  I cut the hexagons and stamped them and then stickled them for sparkle.  We arranged them on the tables to make you think of honeycombs.  The wooden bees on the table came from Michaels.  They were painted on one side and had black felt stripes.

I saw the candy jar idea at one of the County Market Food stores that I have been working in lately.  I started by taping a chunk of a pool noodle in an ivy jar.  I glued candy to the noodle with my hot glue gun.  I glued the paper wrapper end to the noodle not the whole candy bar.  I alternated yellow colored wrappers and then black colored wrappers to give it a bee striped look...well, I thought so anyway.

Lastly, I wanted to show you the diapers and wipes that I gave J.  I used my expression to cut "Adalynn" four times out of yellow 12x12 sheet of card stock and again out of a black sheet.  I sewed them end to end using black thread to make a long banner.  I wrapped the diapers and wipes with that banner.  Unique!

<^..^> Lori

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