Awana fall treats and a invitation for a friend

Each year the Ladies Missionary Fellowship makes a treat to give the Awana kids the Wednesday before Halloween.  This year we gave the kids two treats, one for them and one to give a friend to invite them to come the following Wednesday.  We used 2 Hershey milk chocolate candy bars.  We made a pumpkin cover for one of the candy bars with the invitation on the back side.  We packaged them together in a glassine bag.

Want to know how we made them?  I was inspired by a Martha Stewart on the candy wrapper.  I used her Punch Around.  I could orange solid and pattern papers into 5x5 squares.

I used the punch to center the pumpkin face in the paper.

Next punch out a 1 3/4 inch circle out of black cardstock or paper.  Tape it to the back over the pumpkin face.  This just makes the face stand out against the candy bar when it is wrapped.

Next wrap a Hershey chocolate bar and secure with a piece of tape.

Look at those happy faces!  Pattern paper makes for fun variation. 

For our purposes we printed an invitation on plain paper and cut them out to fit the back of the Hershey bar.  We taped them.

We encouraged the kids to sign them and to give one to a friend and bring them to Awana the following week.

<^..^> Lori

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