Would you wear this t-shirt?

I am in the process of changing doctors.  I want to use a local doctor so that I don't have to drive into the city.  I have moved the kids over to this local medical group and my husband.  I was the hold out.  Ok, I must admit that I don't like to go to the doctor.  I avoid it and overall I am blessed with reasonable good health.

As the nurse was asking me all the questions prior to my exam, she commented that I was in pretty good health.  I was beaming inside but I was soon to have my bubble burst.  She had a nurse in training with her that took my blood pressure as she was asking me questions.  The young (and they are all young looking to me) nurse looked concerned and took my blood pressure again.  Then she asked the experienced nurse to take it...yes it was high.  I don't ever remember a time when my bp was not 120/80 and everyone up to this point was fine and dandy with it.  But not in 2012!  The scales have changed and that is now considered high.  In truth, my bp this day was 131/118.  Even I thought it was high but I didn't think it was the norm for me.  But I know I had just returned from Brazil and we had VBS and I was feeling heavier than normal so I thought I just needed to get back in my normal routine to get my bp down.  The doctor disagreed and immediately put me on a low dose of bp.  I came back the next week and sure enough the bp was down to 118/88 but I am not convinced it is the medicine versus getting back to normal at home.  Either way I am going to take the medicine for awhile then ask to be weaned off to see if it climbs again.  I am aghast to think that I need a daily medicine!  Not that I am super woman...I just think that means accepting that I am getting old.  I know...silly of me, isn't it?!

Well this post wasn't supposed to be about my bp...it was about the other procedures I am expected to endure for this change in doctors.   This week I had my first colonoscopy.  You know it wasn't the procedure that was so bad...I hardly remember anything after the anesthesia was administered...it was the prep medicine you drink prior to the procedure that had me wishing I wasn't having a colonoscopy.  I had but an every so tiny taste of what true sick people have to endure to get better.  I have more empathy than ever for those people.  I cannot imagine chemo or radiation or the borage of other medicinal procedures people endure every day to get better.  God bless you all and you know who you are.

Well, my procedure did begin with some grins!  At check in the nurse asked me what size t-shirt I wear.  I instinctively asked why she needed to know that information?  She said, "Because we are going to give you a t-shirt."  I don't know why but I asked what was on it.  My brain must have been working ahead of me.  Because she showed me this t-shirt.

 That is not so bad.  But then she turned it to the back side (pun intended).
  Tell me really?  Would you wear this around town?

<^..^> Lori

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Erin @ His and Hers said...

haha! My husband would totally wear that as a "health care professional." He also likes butt jokes. Boys. :P

Glad to have you on board for the craft challenge!! :)