Mother Daughter Honeybee Tea Party 5/19/12

Well my goal is still to post once per month.  I am just a bit behind.  I am going to try to catch up May, June, and July this week though.
In May our church held a Mother Daughter Honeybee Tea Party.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

We had a craft for the younger girls.  They used yellow ink pads to make a thumb print on the white paper.  Then they added bee parts to turn their thumb print into a bee.  We had pre-made paper frames to slide the white paper in to frame it.  A nice take home favor for the girls.
 Fruit arranged as sunflowers.

 Honeycomb cereal, nuts, pretzels, raisins to make a sweet trail mix.  Cupcakes decorated as bee hives.  And not pictured but we had 2 sunflower cakes that were yummy.  My friend, Sandy, makes them.  She puts a yellow single layer cake in the center.  She frosts it with chocolate frosting.  Then she places unwrapped Twinkies around the cake so they look like flower petals.  She arranges lots of chocolate chips on the frosted cake so they look like the center of the sunflower.  Sandy also puts some chocolate syrup on the Twinkies, not a lot mind you, just a swirl or two.  If I find a picture, I will post it later.  I think I have one from another event at the church.

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