Organizing my stamps and supplies

I have so many stamps, punches, and other supplies that I cannot remember what I own.  It's a blessing from The Lord to have all my crafty supplies but I feel awful that I don't use them as much as I could because I forgot what I had on hand.  I have searched the blogs on organizational tips.  I have seen some great stuff out there.  For my stamps, I tried creating a three ring binder where I stamped on card stock and filed the pages alphabetically.  I Thought I would go through the notebook when I as searching for the right sentiment.  I did for awhile but then the notebook got heavier and I would forget to post some pictures of some stamps...well it wasn't ideal for me.  I am trying something new and it is working for me so I decided to share.  I have a Pinterest account.  I created a board called "supplies that I own".  I have started posting pictures with links to stamps that I own.  It makes it so easy for me to search my stamps on my iPad.  I love it.  I am using more of my stamps in the process.  I don't know if I will put all of my crafty supplies on Pinterest.  I started adding my hand punches.  I love having my stamp inventory at my finger tips.  Let me know how you use Pinterest to organize or your iPad to organize your supplies.

<^..^> Lori

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Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

What a great idea! I wonder if I could do something similar for my painting supplies? They get so out of hand. Thanks for the tip!