Mother Daughter 2010 The Ties That Bind Us

Oh boy, we are starting to plan for our Mother Daughter event at church.  I am asking for ladies that want to help with it to join me for a meeting after church 2/7/10.  The event date is set for 4/17/10 and the theme has been chosen, The Ties That Bind Us.  I need a food committee, program planning committee, and decorating committee.  Our church has many talented ladies so I am sure it will glorify our Lord Jesus when it all comes together. 
I made a small poster (really it is like a scrapbook page) to promote the event.  I don't have all of the details on it because they have not all been decided.  I can add them as they become available.  I just want to get ladies talking about it and to pencil the date on their personal calendars.
I cut it with by Expression using the From My Kitchen cartridge.  I got it for Christmas from DH and the kids this year.  The font is from the Cuttin' Up cartridge.  As you can see I hope the committee with base decorations, etc from the phrase Mother's Apron Strings.
I would love to hear if you have any suggested ideas for our Mother Daughter event.  Have you used this theme for your church or organization? 

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