Medieval Times

I have a head cold today.  It was coming on for 3-4 days and I thought I would skate through and not really get sick.  Hmm...didn't work out that way.  I have to travel today for work.  That is not so fun! 

I did not get to do anything crafty over the weekend.  DH and DS went to with the boy cousins for games at my in-laws house.  DD and I went to SIL's house to meet with the girls for games.  The girls ate out and played lots of games.  We went to Medieval Times for the show/dinner on Sunday.  It was fun.  Our black and white knight won the tournament.  If you have been to one of these events then you know what I am talking about.  If not, Medieval Times is a dinner/show in a building that looks like a castle.  All of the employees are in costume and in character as though you are a guest of the king for a banquet.  During dinner you eat with no utensils and watch jousting and other such competitions.  They have fabulous trained horses and it is a treat to watch them.  The girls really enjoyed the whole thing.  There were 7 of us.  The only down side to the show was that I took a few of the girls into the castle dungeon.  It was not included in the castle entrance price but I thought it would be fun and family friendly.  I made a mistake.  It was filled real (I guess) with tools of torture.  There were artist drawings to show how the tools were used.  It was not a good thing to view.  I was so stupid to think it was Disney type friendly stuff...NOT.  So my advice...stick to the horses and the show.  Skip the dungeon. 

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