Old Settlers Days

There is a local event here called Old Settlers Days. They hold it over 4 days every year after Father's Day. My kids love it. It's a local event and not too big but good hometown fun. We only live a block from the center of the rides and the local parade comes right by our house each year.

Hannah was in the parade with the Marching band. Jim and Johnson were in the parade with the Cub Scouts. This is the first year in many that I did not have to be in the parade with the kids. It felt a little weird...good and bad. I stayed home and watched the parade. I was able to take pictures of the kids so that was a plus. Some friends came over and watched the parade from our yard so I got to visit with them.

It means corn dog time, too! We go up to get a corn dog most nights of the fair. On Saturday afternoon, we buy wristbands for the kids and they can ride all afternoon. Tiring for us parents but really fun for the kids. LOL!

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