Camps are in full swing 2009

Last week Johnson was at Camp Manitoumi for the week. It rained almost everyday. But he still had a great time. He was in the Mink cabin. His counselor was Justin B. Johnson loves camp. I hope one day he will go back to be a counselor there. He came home with dirty wet clothes and a smile on his face. I thought he would collapse on his bed but he didn't. He was quieter so I know he was tired.

Well this week is the hottest so far this summer with the heat index over 100 degrees. Where is everyone? Well, Jim and Johnson are at Cub Scout day camp every day this week. Hannah is at marching band rookie camp starting today. I keep reminding them to DRINK water.

Jim said they had 2 boys with heat exhaustion yesterday. Hannah said they had 2 girls with heat exhaustion today. Oh boy, not good. DRINK water.

My small 5 gallon fish tank is so full of fish. I mentioned it a few months ago...the fish keep having more babies! I must be up to 25-30 fish in my little tank. I was going to clean the filter today and found my filter has stopped working. I will have to go to WalMart and figure out if it is cheaper to buy the filter system or a new tank. Isn't that sad? It is such a throw away society.

Saturday we had our CTMH club meeting. I miss meeting monthly. We are meeting every other month this year. We made cool DAD wallets. It turned out really neat. Jim liked it.

Pete (my BIL) let us know that Virginia (MIL) was in the hospital for a day out in Des Moines, IA for dizziness. Her blood pressure was up but the doctor also said she had calcium build up in her ears. He showed her some exersizes to do to shake and loosen the calcium. She said, "You mean I have rocks in my head?" LOL! They changed her medicine as well to get her blood pressure in check. I pray God will help to get her meds right.

Don't forget to DRINK water. LOL!

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