Today is the first day of October. I am amazed at how fast time is moving as I get older. My mom told me time moved faster as you get older and I didn't think too much about it until the last few years. She was right!

Jim is out in Iowa for the funeral of his uncle Don W. Jim drove to his parents house in the Quad cities last night. He met his brother, Steve, there and they drove on this morning to Redfield, IA for the funeral. We decided not to take the kids out of school so I stayed home.

We have beautiful clear skies this morning. It was cold enough last night that we closed all of the windows and even considered starting the boiler to heat the house.
Here is a card that I made using this Michelle Zindorf tutorial called Distant Pines. You can follow the link and see the masterpiece that she created. She makes these fabulous scenes with brayers and I wanted to give it a try. It turned out okay but I would love to take one of her classes to get more instructions.
Well, I have to get busy moving...remember to trust and obey...you know the song don't you!?


Sharon in NE said...

Lori, I came here via Michelle Zindorf's blog. You created a beautiful landscape picture! The glistening water is so incredible! Very nice!!

Elmi said...

Hi Lori,
Nice Zindorf CASE! I really like the water, very nice :-)

I'm not sure if the irregular green in the front is on purpose (if it is, please don't be offended!), but when I started out I struggled to do that "smooth ink with a sponge"-thing. Then I got a great tip from a fellow crafter to use make-up sponges to ink my pages. That works really well because they are smooth and the ink sits on top. Meanwhile I've also discovered a large dauber (I think Ranger makes them) that works well for the large area fade-out because it is curved. I know Michelle Z. makes it look SO easy with just a normal sponge but I know I'm not that good... yet ;-P