Organization...is it a dream?

I often think I use the same stamps over and over because I cannot remember what other stamps I have. I get in a rut. I have decided to do something about it.
I have scanned in all of my CTMH stamp sets and printed out a copy to put in a 3-ring binder. For my stamps from Verve and Papertrey, I printed out the stamp set picture from their website. Papertrey gives tips and has a gallery for most of their stamp sets so I printed those out for my binder, too. When I finish, I hope to be able to easily view my stamp sets without pulling them all out. That should help me use more of my stamps. At least I hope it does! :)
I blogged that I am un-mounting my SU! stamp sets. That is a long process and I am still working on it. I think they will take up so much less space when I am done.
Have a tip on how you have organized your stamps?
Have a good Columbus Day weekend! I hope to visit with all of my siblings this weekend.

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Sharon in NE said...

I've actually been "dismounting" mine for over 10 years now. My method for storing my stamps is rather old (as in 10 yrs old) but I still like and use it. I purchased on Ebay tons of empty VHS cases cheap. The kind movie rental places used. I store my unmounted stamps in there (the rubber ones, not the acrylic...I don't think acrylic was even selling back then.) Several fit inside as the cases are large. Most stamps are stuck on pieces of acrylic (purchased at home improvement centers which I had cut down to fit inside the cases). Several go in, with several stamps on each. However, I also have been known to just put the stamps in loosely inside the case. No harm done, I just have to hunt a little for what I'm looking for. To identify my stamps, I photocopy all the stamps inside keeping that in a binder. I take a second copy (shrink it or cut it down to fit) slide it in behind the plastic sleeve, where the movie's jacket was. I also made it so the edge of the VHS holder has a title of the company or type of stamps inside. So I have pictures of the stamps inside, on the front/back of the holder and the title on the edge. This is stored easily on a shelf, or in Iris carts in my work area. I love how many stamps I can keep in a small area.