Health is so important but so ignored

A friend, Gloria M, had a couple of spells this summer. She ended up in the hospital when she lost consciousness and fell. She hit her head and she ended up going to the hospital to be checked out. The hospital did not find a cause. Gloria went to the chiropractor later and found her back was out of alignment and felt better after treatments. She said that had happened one other time in her life. Gloria is a nurse and she works a mixture of day and night shifts. That is hard on anyone but I worry about Gloria mixing shifts. Have you ever tried working multiple shifts? Sleeping is difficult as your body has trouble adjusting to the change in routine.
Well, months past and we thought she was doing okay but she had another spell this week. Her heart rate was extremely low and they have decided she needs a pacemaker. The doctors are putting it in today. I pray the Lord gives Gloria healing.
I will post a card I made for our pastors' wives later.

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