One of my best friends is called the slow cooker or "Crock"

I have long been a fan of the slow cooker or crock pot or just "crock" for short.  Over the years as a working mom, it was a great way to prepare a meal the night before and stick the insert into the fridge.  In the morning, put the insert into the crock and set it to run.  Then no matter if I was late getting home or right on time, dinner was ready.

Now that I have retired from the company after 33 years.  I still love crocks!  I own several of them.  I have two 6 quart versions and one of those units with three small crocks in it.  I use them year round but I especially like to use them in the winter because the house is closed up and the crock makes it smell so good, so homey.

I found a great recipe and wanted to share that it is fool proof.  I am the fool to prove it.  I messed up and added the gravy right in with the broth and chicken.  IT STILL TURNED OUT GREAT!  Hurray!

Here is a link to the blog post where I found the recipe on Ciao Chow Bambina for Chicken & Gravy in the crock.  Doesn't that look yummy?
I served mine over mashed potatoes also.  I made Rhodes parker house dinner rolls plus a salad and my family was VERY happy.

<^..^> Lori

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