Give your Awana leaders a little "Excitemint"

No, I didn't give up my blogging.  I just stink at keeping up with what is going on in my crafty life.

Jim is the Awana commander for our church.  We like to give the leaders a little treat during the year.  We have a lot of great people that are willing to volunteer their time to work with kids age 3 through 6th grade telling them about the Gospel of Christ.  We thought a thank you was in order.

We had our kickoff meeting for the Awana leaders at church.  I made up a little thank you gift for each of them.  I found Aldi sells Excitemint gum at $.99 for 6 packages.  That made them affordable for me as I would need about 40 packages.  I am all for easy so I printed out labels created in MS Word on Avery 5167 address labels that said "Thank you for your commit "mint" to Awana".  I put one on each package of gum.  Hannah helped me hand them out at the meeting by saying here is a little "Excitemint" for you to start of the Awana year right.

I got the seed idea for this treat from one of my all time favorite Ladies Ministry bloggers, Julia Bettencourt.  She has a section she wrote on using different types of candy bars with catchy phrases for table favors and thank you notes.  When I saw this gum brand, I knew it would work.

<^..^> Lori

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