Don't let your glue bottle falling over frustrate you!

I have a cool idea to cut down on the frustration of using liquid glue.  For piecing paper I sometimes use Zig TwoWay glue or I may choose to use Scotch adhesive.  The Scotch glue is strong stuff and dries quickly.  It doesn't clog so I don't have a problem using it until the bottle gets low on glue.  Then I don't like to tip the bottle and wait for gravity to bring the glue down so I can use it.  The bottle will stand on its own upside down but it tends to fall over if it get bumped. 
I was blog hopping this weekend and I saw a video on turning strips of scrap material into a flower.  I cannot remember the blog...I really hate it when things fall out of my head!  She used a different brand of glue, similar but different.  Her glue did not fall over and I was fascinated on why.  She did not mention it because she was giving a tuturial on gluing a flower together.  The video was good and the flower turned out very cute. 
Finally the light was just right in the video and I could see that she had glued a piece of clear flat plastic to the lid of the glue bottle.  Maybe it was a scrap of acetate but I don't think so.  Acetate would bend easily.  It was clear so it was really hard to catch.  How clever!  I did a similar thing but I used the same Scotch glue to adhere the lid of my Scotch glue to a round piece of chipboard that I had on hand.  It works like a charm.  The glue is always ready to go and it doesn't fall over easily.  When the bottle is empty, I will throw it away and keep the lid attached to the cardboard to put on a new bottle of Scotch glue.  I cannot take credit for this idea but I can certainly pass it on to you.  If I remember where I saw that video, I will post it.


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