HelloFresh - it was love at first box...I mean bite.

I would love to give someone credit for leading me to HelloFresh.com but I really cannot remember where I got the coupon for $40 off a box.  Maybe it came in the mail or was in a bag from a store.  I don't know but I am glad that I checked it out.  Basically, they deliver nearly all the ingredients for three meals directly to my front porch every week.  It comes in a box with frozen water soluble gel packs to keep it all cold until you get it into your refrigerator.  The ingredients for each recipe are in separate boxes with labels on them so you know which recipe they match.

I only have to supply the salt, pepper, butter, olive oil and sugar.  The box includes recipe cards that tell you step by step what you need for pans, kitchen tools, etc to make the meals and how to make the recipe themselves.

I don't have to shop for anything during the week but basics which I usually get at Sam's Club.  You know the milk, bananas, cereal, coffee stuff.  Let that sink in for a minute.  I don't have to think about what to make and I will have leftovers.  It has been eye opening because the recipes are easy and fun.  All meals have been from refrigerator to dinner table in under and hour.  I like to clean up as I go so that means nearly all of the pans used are cleaned up too!  It is wonderful.

In addition to removing the stress of planning and shopping, I get to make some recipes of items I probably wouldn't normally make...it got me out of my rut.  I still have meals that I make for special occasions or for friends coming over but mostly I let HelloFresh do the weekly work involved for meals.

The cost is reasonable for us as it is just under $10 a meal.  We are not picky about food.  If the kids say no way to something, they are required to try one bite and if they still say no way, they just eat leftovers from some other meal.

Have I said that I love #HelloFresh because I do.

I had one issue in the 4 weeks we have been using them.  We were shorted the beef required for the recipe one week.  I contacted them through the website to let them know and they credited me for the beef on the next week.  I thought it was a reasonable solution.  For the recipe, I just pulled some chicken out of the freezer and made the dish with it.                

Here are a couple of pictures.  No we are not chiefs but we are certainly having fun.  My kids are learning some things too.  It is good for us to cook together.  My 17 year old son doesn't think so but it is!

I have seen lots of videos on Youtube of people subscribing to HelloFresh and they show what they get and how they cook it.  It's helpful to see them open the boxes and what to expect.  Now we are a few weeks into it and we are comfortable with the concept.

We take the classic box for 4 people and 3 meals each.  So HelloFresh sends us about a 14 lb. box of food each week.  UPS delivers to us and puts it on the front porch out of the sun.  I have Tuesdays off so I get them off the porch within an hour of delivery.  They even email me with a window of delivery and another email when it is confirmed to be on the porch.  It really works great for me!

<^..^> Lori

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