Valentine Favors 2012

I love to package up holiday treats that I collect through the year and give them to friends or workers at my church.  I don't physically live close to my family or my husband's family.  I don't like to pay the postage to send items that I got so frugally in the first place. The postage can easily double or triple the price of the gift.  When we visit family, we try to take them out to eat or I bring a gift that I can hand deliver.  Much better for our budget.  Not as much fun though!

Here is some packaging for Valentine magnets I got on clearance at the local gift shop, some Hallmark Valentine pins I got at the same shop, and some candy I found last week in the $1 bin at Target.

The pink bags came from www.clearbags.com.  The doilies were from...I don't remember but I got them off the web.  The stickers are K&C Stitched Adornments.  The Valentine Ribbon came from Michael's.

The coasters came from a clearance sale somewhere last year, possibly Michael's.  I used some Michael's clothespin hearts, jute, and SU! Chocolate Ribbon to decorate them.  The paper wrap around the candy boxes is SU! that I got on clearance. 

<^..^> Lori

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