Inkadinkado Fall Fields stamp set

My darling Hubby and I took a vacation day Thursday sans children.  Yes, without the kiddos.  H is working at camp this summer.  Her very first job!  J is a camper at the same camp this week.  Can you say..."Boy, this house is really quiet!"? 

We went to a dinner theatre matinee at the Beef House.  Good food and quality local entertainment.  Although is retrospect, it was a pretty irreverent musical for my Christian tastes.  In the genre of valdeville entertainment they used innuendo unlike modern stuff which leaves nothing, nada, zippo to the imagination.  My SIL met us there.  What a good time to get to visit with her.  Then out of the blue...in walked my aunt and uncle that I had not seen in a long while.  Aunt was celebrating her 79th birthday.  Happy BDay! 

DH and I stopped at my oldest sisters house on the way home.  She had asked for help with her new PC.  We caught up on some news then DH fixed her PC issue.  Turns out she needed to activate her MS Office software.  It was set up to work for 50 times then go to restricted mode until you call a number and get an activation code.  Simple to do but was a pain...MS shame on you for adding this unnecessary step. 

We left her house and stopped at Papa Del's Pizza on the way home.  DH bought a frozen pizza that we will enjoy with the kids this weekend.  Papa Del's pizza is the very best deep dish pizza in our book.  We miss living close enough to enjoy it more often. 

Then my DH said we could stop at a scrapbooking store in Bloomington on the next leg of our journey home.  We got to Scrapbook Friendz at 7:05 pm and they closed at 7 pm.  Boohoo...then I consoled myself by going into JoAnn Fabric next door.  I found a super cute fall stamp set on sale.  The cat figure was so unusual.  The set was $9.99 but JoAnn's had it on sale 30% off.  I bought it of course!  Sorry Scrapbook Friendz but a girl has to shop when her husband gives her the green light!  I do suggest if you can get to them when they are open, Scrapbook Friendz carries a good variety of products. 

So cute!  They had some other cute sets but the cat stamp really made the choice easy for me.  I also picked up a couple of K & Co paper pads on sale for $9.99.  They were not double sided but they had 60 sheets in the pad.  The most I had seen in a pad was 48 sheets.  They had lots of pads I liked but I limited myself to 2 pads because I am trying not to feed my paper hoarding tendencies.  KWIM?!

Well, the day ended with one more leg in our journey...we stopped at Noodles & Company for dinner.  So good...I had bankok curry with chicken.  We shared some pot stickers as well. 

The kids will be home Saturday.  In truth, we both miss them but it was a nice week for us and for them.

<^..^> Lori

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